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Plastic Surgery

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Plastic Surgery Hospital in Vijayawada

Plastic surgery is a unique discipline, in that it does not refer to the surgery of a particular region or part of the body. It is derived from the Greek word ‘plastikos’ which means ‘to mould’. Plastic surgery has many further subdivisions like reconstructive microsurgery, aesthetic surgery, paediatric plastic surgery, hand surgery, treatment of burns and their sequelae etc.

The science is further divided into 4 major sub specialities; cosmetic (aesthetic) surgery, microvascular surgery (reconstructive microsurgery), hand surgery and general plastic surgery.

Cosmetic (Aesthetic) Surgery - Unity Hospitals

Cosmetic (aesthetic) surgery

Improving one’s physical appearance through cosmetic surgery is no longer the exclusive prerogative of movie stars and people in show-biz. It has become accessible and acceptable to exercise one's right to look better and feel better. Improving one's physical appearance through cosmetic surgery can result in improved body image, greater self-confidence, improved social interaction and enhanced professional productivity. Commonly performed cosmetic surgery procedures include; correction of scars and birthmarks, rhinoplasty (nose job), otoplasty (correction of prominent ears). Cosmetic breast surgery (reduction, augmentation, repositioning), abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), face-lift, liposuction and body contouring, cosmetic surgery of the genitals, surgery for the correction of baldness (hair transplant), blepharoplasty (correction of baggy eyelids).

Hand Surgery - Unity Hospitals

Hand surgery

All of us need our hands to earn our daily bread. The human hand has been described as a marvel of engineering. Even trivial-appearing hand injuries, if not treated properly can lead to serious dysfunction and even loss of livelihood. Management of complex hand injuries, which are often the result of industrial accidents, requires not only delicate and skilful surgery, but also dedicated follow-up, physiotherapy and rehabilitation. We provide a comprehensive hand care service, which includes surgery followed by intensive physiotherapy by a dedicated hand therapy team. Services offered include correction of congenital hand defects, management of acute hand injuries, replantation (re-attachment) of amputated fingers or hands, repair of tendon injuries, nerve repairs including brachial plexus reconstructions, reconstruction for paralysed hands, correction of ear deformities, correction of contractures and other post-burn deformities.

Microvascular Surgery (Reconstructive Microsurgery) - Unity Hospitals

Microvascular surgery (reconstructive microsurgery)

This is a technically demanding and time consuming sub-speciality where operations are done using an operating microscope to cut and join tiny blood vessels and nerves, most between half a millimetre and 2 millimetres in size. Unity hospital is equipped to perform this cutting edge microsurgical work with a combination of medical and surgical skills coupled with the world’s best surgical support equipment. The highly experienced microsurgical team has performed over a thousand highly experienced microsurgical team, having performed more than a thousand microsurgical operations, the surgical support equipment includes state of the operation suites with the Carl Zeiss OPMI-Vario operating microscope, and S&T microsurgery equipment services offered include replantation (re-attachment) of amputated body parts like fingers/hands/limbs etc., cancer reconstruction using microvascular tissue transfer, immediate reconstruction of major limb injuries with soft tissue loss, microvascular toe to hand transfer to reconstruct missing fingers/thumbs, genital (penis) reconstruction due to loss because of trauma or cancer, repair of vascular injuries and healing of diabetic foot ulcers by vascular bypass.

Brachial Plexus Surgery - Unity Hospitals

Brachial plexus surgery

The brachial plexus region is a technically challenging area of the upper limb to surgically operate on. Not only is the region a mass of critical nerves providing sensation and mobility to the lower limb it is also close to vital structures. It requires skills and expertise to have a successful surgical outcome.

General plastic surgery includes the more generic procedures like correction of congenital defects like clefts of the lip and palate and correction of hypospadias.