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Orthopaedic Hospital in Vijayawada

Skilled, Committed and Comprehensive.

Handling difficult situations most effectively and fruitfully is our domain and we take particular pride in doing so. Experienced surgeons across the "spectrum of needs" come together to form a compassionate cohesive unit for the best quality care. We promise the combined wisdom of every member of our team to solve every situation we come across, big or small.

The team has expertise in accident and trauma care, fracture management, joint replacement for degenerative joint disease like arthritis, spine (neck and back problems), sports injuries and arthroscopy (key-hole surgery), limb deformity corrections & reconstruction.

Our team is well supported by appropriate interventional radiology and best in class neurosurgical, vascular and plastic surgical colleagues. We have every specialist required under one roof if the need arises.

Orthopedic Treatment at Unity Hospitals

Best Hospitals for Orthopedic Treatment in Vijayawada

The best orthopedic hospital in Vijayawada, Unity Hospital, features experienced orthopedics that excels at treating injuries to the bones, joints, ligaments, and other body parts as well as curing sports injuries and performing arthroscopic surgeries. At each stage, our team of professionals will work with you to help you increase your range of motion, mobility, and life quality.

best orthopedic hospital in Vijayawada

Advanced Orthopedic Care from Our Top Specialists

Because we are consultant orthopedic specialists, our experts will take care of all your orthopedic issues, whether they are brought on by overuse, aging, sports-related injuries, or traumatic accidents. Our experts are dedicated to providing successful treatment for various ortho problems, such as fractures, slipped discs in sports medicine, adult reconstruction, and injuries to the elbow, shoulder, spine, etc.

Our department is dedicated to providing specialized care for muscles, bones, and joint injuries. This includes surgery and rehabilitation, which can be done in the hospital or at home.

best multispeciality hospital in Vijayawada

Why is Unity Hospital Best for Orthopedic Care in Vijayawada?

The best multispecialty hospital in Vijayawada, Unity Hospital, will treat you with professionalism and compassion. We provide treatment for various issues relating to injuries, muscles, tendons, or any other issues relating to an accidental injury or sports injury, etc. We use cutting-edge technology, patient care, and research to lessen the potentially catastrophic effects that orthopedic problems may have on you.

If you are hunting for a hospital that can help you with orthopedic treatment, you have reached the right spot. Unity Hospital is the right place to get the treatment you need.